Did you want to be a pastor when you were a boy?

It’s funny, but yes. The Call doesn’t hit everybody at the same time, but I remember when I was a boy sitting in the pews at church wondering what I would say if I was the preacher. I always had a love for Christ and serving the Church. My faith was strengthened through my participation in summer church camp, youth and high school choir, and youth trips.

But, even though I felt called to be a pastor when I was young, I wanted to do other things by the time college came around. I chose business. I chose business because I wanted to be a philanthropist, someone who creates so much wealth for themselves that they start foundations to help fund good things in the world. Who doesn’t want that? You get to do good in the world and it comes with a house on a lake, and maybe a house in the Caribbean, too. It wasn’t until about 5 years after college, however, that the Call for me to go to ministry really persisted. With Tricia’s encouragement, we began the Seminary process. I must say that I truly feel like I am doing now what I was created to be. I still tamper with bits and pieces from my old business life, like trading stocks, but I never felt as home in the business world as I do being a pastor.

Pay attention in your own life to what God may be calling you to. It’s not always what makes you most happy (turning something you love doing into work sometimes kills what you love doing). Often, though, it is where you find fulfillment. Even when the work is hard, you know it is the right work. I’d be happy to speak with you about it someday.