How do you get through a huge struggle in your life? (Example: family member dying)

I think some struggles, particularly losing a loved one to death, broken relationship, etc., aren’t necessarily things you get through or get over, but they are things you adjust to and learn to live with. I liken losses like this to losing an arm or a leg. You’re not going to get over it, but you do learn to live without that person in your life, you do learn to adapt. And, like an amputee who gets a prosthetic limb, you’ll start to manage quite well even though it can’t go back to the way it used to be.

With that in perspective, there are ways of easing the struggle and helping to adapt. One of the greatest ways for the Christian to do that is prayer. Pray to God. Talk to others. Pray prayers of confusion, anger, grief, loss; allow yourself to grieve the loss. But, be assured that the Spirit is praying right along with you on your behalf (Romans 8)! Your relationship with God, who has won the victory over death through Christ for you and your loved one, leaves neither of you abandoned! They are safe in Christ’s death and resurrection! When we say in the Creed that we believe in the “communion of saints,” we are saying that we know that God unites us, all of us here and all of us in eternity! I love celebrating Holy Communion because in it we are feasting with those who have died before us — we are united in Christ!

You probably won’t completely get over a struggle like the death of a loved one (to do so would be to forget them entirely), but you learn to let them go, trusting that they are secure in Christ. It does get easier. I hope this helps a little, and know that you can always talk to me more about it at any time.